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JB Naturals Skincare Company

Insulated Shipping

Insulated Shipping

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**Insulated Shipping with Thermal Wrapping**

At JB Naturals Skincare Co., we prioritize using 100% natural ingredients, avoiding harmful synthetic chemicals. Our light and fluffy body butters are free from synthetic stabilizers and beeswax, making them particularly sensitive to temperature fluctuations. Packaged in glass jars, these delicate products can soften or melt during transit, especially in warm weather as they sit in mail trucks and mailboxes.

Melting is a natural reaction to heat, and while we can't control the conditions during transit or delivery, we offer a solution to help maintain product integrity. Opt for our insulated shipping with thermal wrapping to keep your body butters cool and ensure they arrive in perfect condition. This option protects your products from melting, preserving their luxurious texture and quality, no matter the weather.

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